Workspace For Green Space Realtors
Thriving on the belief that sustainable development links the environment, the economy and the society, we believe that workplaces are largely responsible for spearheading the move towards sustainable development. Mr. Kiran Chavan's office in Nashik, is specifically developed to serve as one such example for 'Green Education'.

The climatic features of Nashik encourage outdoor living and hence the design aims at maximizing this by providing partially covered landscaped courts, water bodies and terraces. This in turn creates a peaceful environment to work, relax and reconnect with nature and allows for the main functional spaces to get maximum unobstructed natural light and views.

The building shell has been designed based on the sun path, shadow patterns, wind directions, rainfall and humidity levels. Use of light wells with turbo window extractors, radiant cooling, solar lighting, rain water harvesting amongst others are the passive conditioning techniques used in this building. Almost all the furniture is made of old salvaged wood, following the concept of 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.