Hotel Hi5

The business hotel is an illustration of a well balanced design with inviting guest spaces and deft integration of services. Located on a rectangular plot, the design responds to the site context with simplicity and ease; with shading devices suitably placed providing the essential privacy. The building envelope is an interesting composition of vertical and horizontal lines in the form of perforated aluminium louvers forming a framework of translucent planes around it. Besides protecting the spaces within from glare and heat, this second skin also conceals all service pipes, ducts and other elements neatly within.

The main transition into the hotel is through the entrance lobby, creating a pause in the length of the main passage and establishing a vertical link through the seven levels. Sombre yet welcoming, the lobby is bathed in natural light with splashes of colour in the form of a mural extend over all floors adding the right amount of pep.

The terrace delivers a multifunctional space along with a restaurant. Simple and efficient design of moderate budget rooms uses local symmetry to ease out the services between two rooms.