Design Inspiration
"Contemporary lifestyle and attachment to traditional values express a need to synthesize the two to create a sensitive symphony."

We, at environ planners have always persued our aim to let the traditional air flow through the built and un-built spaces giving nostalgic warmth in the present day urban setup. Verandahs, courtyards, pool of water, pitched and terraced roof, combination of thick and regular masonry, vegetation - all these form an integral component of our design. Judicious use of these elements help to keep away excess of heat and direct drive of rain, at the same time allows filtered light and continuous ventilation to provide comfort conditions to the user. Our attempt is to create warmth in the enclosure during winter months and keep away the heat gain during the major warmer period of the year.

There is always an attempt to create spaces where threshold dissolves and indoors extend to outdoors forming a meaningful room to live in, to breathe in.