Kusumagraj Smarak
Kusumagraj Smarak is a memorial evolved as a social and environmental response, accommodating various cultural activities with respect to the memories of the legendary Marathi poet. The entrance to the memorial is adorned by four 'Kadama' trees-one of the favourite inspirations of the poet. The entrance canopy represents the structure resembling old colonial guesthouses which was liked by Kusumagraj. The subterranean earth shelter is simple and low scale reflecting the personality of the poet.

The architectonic walk through the cobbled paved pathway with the framing of connecting bridges of landscape above, serving as a central spine for the complex enables a journey through his life history ('Jeevan darshan' hall), Library, Art gallery, audio-visual rooms, seminar, music and drama practice halls for multi-cultural activities and other allied rooms, finally culminating into a proposed amphitheatre surrounding a rain water reservoir.

This environment conscious design holds with it the traditional values along with its contemporary aura.