Mayur Alankar Jewellery Showroom

Jewelleries are family heirlooms that are passed from generations to generations. These adornments reflect art, culture and traditions. The design thus intents on embellishing traditional design elements with a modern touch.

The entrance adorned with exposed bricks and engineered wood reflect the ethnic character. The plantation and rustic stone finish contrasts yet compliments the plush insides. The double height entrance lobby gives a grand glance of the entire interior. The ornate flower wall elements give the shop its signature.

In the interiors, display of products is given prime importance. Unassuming display helps to concentrate on the beauty and intricacy of the ornaments. Natural dark veneer compliments the gold and silver. The most precious diamond section has been given a raised identity by the exclusive matrix granite. Respecting the client’s demand, basic Vastushastra compliances are followed.