Maharashtra University Health Sciences Auditorium

One enters the structure through a porch that is interlocked with a welcoming curved wall that is partly cladded with the local textured khandki stone that balances the plain dark red plaster while maintains the overall orthogonal composition overlaid on the curved wall. The white band acts as a horizontal interface binding the contrasting materials used while the orthogonal openings on the curved wall gives a hint of the journey to be explored beyond the curved wall.

The structure beyond the curved wall is painted in beige that creates a calm ambience. The primary path beyond the curved wall is surrounded by open to sky court on both sides that not only bring in light and ventilation into the structure but also act as a transition for informal interaction. Ramps have been provided in the entire structure to make it disabled friendly. The core auditorium has been acoustically designed to seat 1000 people and is surrounded by various supporting areas namely dressing rooms ,lounge, conference room ,V.I.P room etc. Functional yet aesthetically appealing the structure incorporates nature through hierarchy of the built and the un built spaces throughout the journey.