Papaya Nursery
The main structure of Papaya Nursery was originally a British Era reservoir, then an armoury used during World War II and subsequently a nursery. This old structure was given a complete facelift in such a way that it blends in seamlessly with its surrounding landscape as well as compliments its original structure. Sloping roof was designed to accommodate the outdoor verandah on ground floor, and bedrooms and a living room on first floor, giving traditional look to the structure. The landscape of the house has been carefully planned considering the owner's professional involvement in landscaping. The first floor initially had four water tanks, which have been converted into a swimming pool, water pond with Jacuzzi, bedrooms and a living room. Whereas, on the ground floor, the original structure had eight vaults which are now converted into a kitchen, an office space and other utility areas. The primary focus was to maximise the use of natural materials like bricks, stones, clay tiles, etc.