YCMOU Library, Nashik
Considering the prevalent site location, and orientation, the form of the building has been derived respecting & responding to the existing contours and the macro & microclimate analysis.  Conscious effort has been done to incorporate the green building technology for energy efficient and sustainable design including the use of eco friendly materials, weather shading devices and rain water harvesting to name a few. The building and the landscape blend so well with the surrounding that it seamlessly looks one.

The circular plan with a central spine makes the spaces easily accessible reducing the travel distance. Since the exterior façade has less punctures for the security reasons, the building breathes through the well-integrated courtyards, skylights and overlooking spaces.

The understanding of the sun path derived the skylights that have been positioned, orientated, angled and opened in such a way that they reduce solar (thermal) gain by blocking the high summer, nowhere reducing or hampering the interior ambient natural light. These skylights also act as ventilation stacks. The vertical roof extractors (turbo ventilators) enhance the stack effect. 

The structure is designed to be disable friendly.